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Individual Product Standards

This page provides you with an overview of the most important European filtering respiratory protection standards. All EN standards were drafted and issued by the European Committee for Standardisation (C. E. N.).

EN 136: This standard sets the minimum requirements for full face masks. Requirements include temperature stability, impermeability, concentration of carbon monoxide, breathing resistance, speech diaphragms, field of vision.

EN 140: Standard providing the minimum requirements for half and quarter masks: This includes inward leakage testing, breathing resistance, flammability, and the mechanical tightness of valves and connections.

EN 14387 (originally EN 141 and EN 371): Standard providing the minimum requirements for gas and combination filters: This primarily covers the classification of filters into various types (e.g. A, B, E, and K) as well as categories (e.g. filter classes 1, 2 and 3