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5 Advantages of using Segre masks


Good visibility

Our masks are soft and folding. This design offers a perfect adaptation to the profile of the face. In this way, the mask does not interfere in our field of vision and allows us to work with the maximum freedom. You will not even realize that you are working with a mask!


Easy to save

During a work shift, it is possible that the worker does not have to carry the respiratory protection all the time. Thanks to its foldable design, we can easily save the mask in any pocket!


Always clean inside

The foldable design of the mask allows the area in contact with the mouth and nose to be always clean. We can put the mask on and take it away as many times as we want, do not worry about dirtiness inside!



The above characteristics permit the mask to be maintained for more time in optimal conditions. If the masks are in good conditions, we can reuse them. This is valid for all the masks except those that contain active carbon (the EU does not allow to reuse masks with active carbon).


Easy to store

Each mask is in a comfortable and lightweight plastic bag. Thanks to the packaging and clamshell design, the space occupied by each unit is minimal and they can be stored almost everywhere!